Kick of Meeting – Porto, 25th and 26th of October 2018

//Kick of Meeting – Porto, 25th and 26th of October 2018

Kick of Meeting – Porto, 25th and 26th of October 2018

While EU and EU entrepreneurs strongly recognise the role of internationalisation, companies need to be prepared to face the challenges of internationalisation and involve skilled people, capable to take advantage of the opportunities.
The project IN_DIGIT2EU aims to provide support to the development of skills in the area of internationalisation of SMEs and low skilled adults by providing an integrating tool that from one side is evaluating the readiness for internationalisation. From the other it allows access to upskilling path adapted to individualized needs not only of SMEs, but especially among organisations working with SMEs and HR. It includes an integrated self-assessment audit tool to test the readiness for internationalisation. Also a professional training course and additional resources, completely delivered online, to support the development of skills for the implementation of internationalisation plans in companies.

To achieve the objectives of the project, the partnership will develop 5 Intellectual Outputs that will be used by SMEs and individuals (managers, staff, others):

  1. A self-assessment methodology and tool to evaluate their shortages regarding resources and concrete skill to face internationalisation challenges.
  2.  A training methodology and guide, supporting self-studying and instructions for future implementation, including transferability recommendations.
  3. A training Toolkit includes creation of new highly interactive tools encouraging practice-based skills development.
  4. An online platform as a comprehensive tool for integrated delivery of all the contents produced.
  5. The best practice guide, will gather previous experience and knowledge of engaged partners and stakeholders together with results of the piloting phase and lessons learned to produce a comprehensive guide.

The IN_DIGIT2EU partnership is composed by 6 partners: Arad Development Company (Leader Partner) from Romania, Danmar Computers from Poland, Kaunas University of Technology from Lithuania, Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber from Greece, GrantXpert Consulting from Cyprus and E&D Knowledge Consulting from Portugal.

The kick off meeting of the project took place in Porto, Portugal between 25th and 26h October and was attended by all project partners. The purpose of the kick off meeting was to refresh the project idea among partners, establishing a common understanding of terms and concepts and a unitary vision on activities. Specifically, a deeper discussion regarding IO1 developed aiming to have a clear understanding of the methodology and tasks to be developed, as described in the application. Finally, the next steps and the future responsibilities of each partner were organized aiming to ensure the quality of the development of the output according to the proposed in the application.


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