The Polish multiplier event

Danmar Computers organized the Polish Multiplier Event on 09.09.2020. The main parts included the presentation of the digital results, discussions on internationalization, and speeches from piloting participants.

The event was divided into three parts: introduction session, main session, and summary. The introduction session included registration, welcoming, Erasmus+ definition, basic information about the project objectives and partners, discussion on internationalization, and considerations on the target group. The main session included the presentation of each of the outputs, mostly the e-learning platform, but also the webpage and discussion on the needs of internationalization and the importance of e-commerce in times of the pandemic.

This session also compromised of speeches from two participants of the testing phase. The final session was a summary including where to access all the results, discussion on the benefits of the project results for personal and professional development, and, finally, questions from participants and networking. Participants expressed their interest in the topic, results and the opportunity of exchanging experience.


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